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    9.9.2019 18:35


    24.6.2020 19:50

    Regular evening class led by instructor Ladislav Sedlák.

    Do you want to learn to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones? Are you looking for a healthy and regular movement? Do you like to learn new things?
    You do not need any previous experience with combat sports, it only depends on your enthusiasm to move and try new things. At Krav Maga, you can build up both your physical and mental fitness and, at the same time, get important tools to solve critical and dangerous situations. The sessions are suitable for both men and women of various ages.

    The first training, which will take place on September 9st, 2019, will be informative. Verification of the registration of applicants, payment of the membership fee in cash (to be paid separately by transfer), signing of honorable declarations of integrity, introduction and signaling of the training order, presentation of coach and individual students, presentation of training equipment, lecture on history and present Krav Maga, a few lessons about the training plan and the system of teaching (including a system of additional seminars for those who want to learn as much as possible) and, of course, there will be second hour the training will begin.

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    9.9.2019 18:35 - 24.6.2020 19:50
    Every Monday and Wednesday from 18:35 to 19:50
    TJ Sokol Karlín
    Malého 319/1


    Cena za jeden měsíc: 1400,00 Kč
    Cena za tři měsíce: 3600,00 Kč
    Cena za 5 měsíců: 5500,00 Kč
    Payments must always be paid at least at the beginning of the current month.


    Ladislav Sedlák
    Expert 1
    Krav Maga Academy

    Ladislav Sedlák
    Expert 1
    CQB & Transportation

    Krav Maga Academy

    Telefon: +420 723 277 109
    E-mail: ladislav.sedlak@krav-maga.cz

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