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    21.9.2020 17:20

    Do you want to know the most effective solutions to self defense situations? Do you want to get fit and learn tons of useful skills?

    Enroll in our Krav Maga course and learn self defense fundamentals and the most important information regarding personal safety. When situations get critical, we fall back to our level of preparation. Knowledge and training are your best weapons. We teach you to recognize potentially problematic situations and we give you tools to avoid them...and if there is no way you can avoid the confrontation from getting physical, we‘ll make sure you know some uniquely effective techniques to survive. The content of the course and the teaching methods are built upon current scientific findings from the fields of neuroscience and psychology. The course is held entirely in English.

    You will learn

    ·       How to avoid risky encounters
    ·       How to recognize and evaluate potential danger
    ·       How to understand the assailant’s psychology
    ·       The most effective approach to handle your way out of any situations
    ·       How to stay calm when the tension escalates
    ·       How to make correct decisions quickly
    ·       The most effective Krav Maga techniques for hand to hand combat

    Kdy - a kde?

    21.9.2020 17:20
    Every Monday and Wednesday from 17:20-18:50
    Krav Maga Academy Pankrác
    Na Pankráci 32, 140 00


    Cena za jeden měsíc: 1700,00 Kč
    Cena za tři měsíce: 4200,00 Kč
    Cena za 5 měsíců: 6000,00 Kč
    Payment can be made via bank transfer or CC payment.


    Ladislav Sedlák
    Expert 1
    Krav Maga Academy

    Ladislav Sedlák
    Expert 1
    CQB & Transportation

    Krav Maga Academy

    Telefon: +420 723 277 109
    E-mail: ladislav.sedlak@krav-maga.cz

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